Implementing Ping Federate in an Enterprise Environment

VMwareAs a developer, consultant or ping administrator you may be allowed to change development or QA but not Production.

This may mean that you either have to provide very detailed instructions for the production support team to promote your Ping changes or automate the process. At Acclaim we use the Configcopy tool provided by Ping to do just that.

The Ping Configcopy tool is not supported directly by Ping and is intended to be used by professional services. But, the tool is available for anyone to use who is willing to spend some time learning its features. The or Configcopy.bat (Linux/Unix or Windows) are located in “pingfederate/bin”. Also, there are several configuration templates in the “pingfederate/bin/Configcopy_templates” folder.

The value for the Configcopy tool is that it allows you to create configuration scripts allowing Administrators to move/ copy any (Ping Adapter, Data store, Token translator, connection, etc… ) from one platform to another.

This means that you can finish the Dev/QA environment and then provide simple command lines entries to move the configurations. This reduces the amount of documentation needed to provide a successful move for IT staff with limited Ping experience.

In future Blogs we will tell you of another item that will become the configuration move for future Ping releases. This tool will be based on the enhanced Admin API set provided by Ping.

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